Precythe and Jones Meet with MOCOA

On Monday, March 27th, Missouri Corrections Officers Association held their quarterly meeting in Jefferson City. Guests at this meeting were Department of Corrections Director Anne Precythe and the head of Probation and Parole, Kenny Jones. Director Precythe expressed her willingness to work with the Association, as well as staff throughout the department, in hopes to improve the working environment for all staff.

It is apparent that under her leadership you are going to see many changes within the department in the near future. Many of these changes are long overdue and in the long run will be beneficial for staff.

As Director Precythe went around the room, asking each board member what their biggest issues are, she heard over and over morale, staff treatment, promotional system, good ol’ boy system and pay. She expressed that she could work on all the issues addressed, with the exception of pay, which is controlled by the legislature. She did express however that she wouldn’t interfere in anyway with our efforts to achieve improvements in that area. That alone is an improvement for us as we have been lobbied against by the department year after year regarding pay and overtime issues.
Keep in mind Director Precythes’ success has to be a team effort and not a one way street.

Kenny Jones spoke a few minutes about the connection between probation and parole and custody and the need for them to be on the same team. He also stated that he and Director Precythe will be visiting all the institutions, visiting with staff and seeking out their ideas of improvement for the department.

Thank you to Director Precythe and P&P Director Kenny Jones for attending our meeting and listening to our concerns.

Eric Greitens for Governor

MOCOA has officially endorsed Eric Greitens for Governor and we are asking you and your friends and families to get out and vote for Eric. In September, Tim Cutt and I met privately with Mr. Greitens in Saint Louis for over an hour. What we found was a very impressive individual with the good of Missouri at heart. We discussed the following issues in our meeting:

We discussed the Right To Work. Although Eric would sign a right to work bill, he assures us that he would exempt corrections officers. I can promise you that Missouri is going to get the right to work passed. The legislature was only one vote short of overriding the Governors’ veto last session. They will soon find that one vote and with Mr. Greitens as Governor we will be ahead of the curve.

We discussed corrections officers pay and how they are among the lowest paid in the nation. He agreed that this needs fixed and has a plan to achieve this by downsizing state government through all departments.

We also discussed his lack of an NRA endorsement. He assured us that he has the highest rating a private citizen can have. However, not being a politician with a voting record to score by, he could not receive an endorsement. The NRA bases their endorsement on past voting records. As an ex-NAVY SEAL, Eric is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

I can assure you that if Koster is elected as Governor you can expect four to eight more years of the same past eight years.

Please help us….help you. Get out and vote for Eric Greitens and encourage everyone you know to do the same. Your vote does matter. If you have questions give us a call.


Gary Gross, MOCOA Director


On April 20th the Hazardous Duty Pay increase was pulled out of the budget by the Joint Appropriations Committee. MOCOA is attempting to have these monies put back in the budget or find out the details of the reasoning behind pulling it from the budget.

Employees are still going to receive the 2% cost of living raise.

We will update you as soon as we have further details.