Precythe and Jones Meet with MOCOA

On Monday, March 27th, Missouri Corrections Officers Association held their quarterly meeting in Jefferson City. Guests at this meeting were Department of Corrections Director Anne Precythe and the head of Probation and Parole, Kenny Jones. Director Precythe expressed her willingness to work with the Association, as well as staff throughout the department, in hopes to improve the working environment for all staff.

It is apparent that under her leadership you are going to see many changes within the department in the near future. Many of these changes are long overdue and in the long run will be beneficial for staff.

As Director Precythe went around the room, asking each board member what their biggest issues are, she heard over and over morale, staff treatment, promotional system, good ol’ boy system and pay. She expressed that she could work on all the issues addressed, with the exception of pay, which is controlled by the legislature. She did express however that she wouldn’t interfere in anyway with our efforts to achieve improvements in that area. That alone is an improvement for us as we have been lobbied against by the department year after year regarding pay and overtime issues.
Keep in mind Director Precythes’ success has to be a team effort and not a one way street.

Kenny Jones spoke a few minutes about the connection between probation and parole and custody and the need for them to be on the same team. He also stated that he and Director Precythe will be visiting all the institutions, visiting with staff and seeking out their ideas of improvement for the department.

Thank you to Director Precythe and P&P Director Kenny Jones for attending our meeting and listening to our concerns.