Overtime Bill Passed

Here at MOCOA are pleased to announce the passage of our overtime legislation, House Committee substitute for HB 1090.

Late yesterday the Senate passed the bill that will not allow the mandatory flexing off of time worked in excess of your normal assigned shift. As most of you know the flexing issue led to a long, drawn out lawsuit between your Association and the Department of Corrections, which we eventually won.

Although this issue was addressed in our work agreement it also needed to be placed into law to prevent future issues. By placing it into law Officers will now be allowed to retain and collect their overtime rather than being forced to flex it off.

This legislation could make a huge difference in a Corrections Officers yearly income by allowing the collection of overtime pay.

Many thanks are owed to Rep. McCaherty and Sen. Munzlinger for sponsoring this legislation for us. Please send them a thank you. Thanks also  to our lobbyists Harry Hill and Mike Michelson for their efforts in getting this done.

This legislation is on the Governors’ desk awaiting his signature.