Overtime Bill 1090

Overtime Bill HB 1090 has been heard in the House Corrections Committee and has been passed out of committee and now goes to the house floor for passage. This Bill adds to the current law a definition of when comp-time is accrued. This Bill is sponsored by Representative McCAherty and co-sponsored by DIEHL, ENGLISH, White and Hubbard. A similar overtime bill has been filed in the Senate by Senator Munzlinger but has not been heard in committee as of this E-Mail.

Also filed in the Senate is SB 826. This is a bill that would create hazardous duty pay for all classes of corrections officers. This bill, if passed, would begin January 1, 2015 and would give COIs thru CSIIs an additional $75.00 per month above their regular salary for hazardous duty. Then in January 2016 there would be an additional $75.00 per month increase for hazardous duty for a total of $150.00. This Bill has been introduced by Senator Dr. Dan Brown of Rolla. There also seems to be support in the house for this legislation.

I will keep you posted as things progress. Please share this information with the membership.  Thanks Gary