Legislative Session 2016 Update

Legislation filed on our behalf, Senate Bill 881 Sponsored by Senator Dan Brown from the Rolla area, would create a hazardous pay for corrections officers. If passed it, would begin in January 2017 and give corrections officers an additional seventy five dollars per month for hazardous duty above their normal salaries. Again in January 2018, there would be an additional seventy five dollars per month for a total of one hundred fifty dollars for hazardous duty pay.

The same bill is sponsored in the House by Representative John McCaherty on our behalf. It is HB 2283.

Please take time to e-mail these legislators a thank you for sponsoring this legislation on your behalf and contact your legislators asking for their support on this legislation.

Other legislation of interest is HB 1432, Sponsored by Representative Rob Vescovo, that would require the department when putting an employee on Admin leave to notify the employee within three days, in detail, why they are being placed on such leave as well as requires the department to complete their investigation within thirty days. Then they would be required to hold a hearing on the issue to determine the outcome. Often employees are on extended admin leave not knowing what they are being investigated for. This would create an employee right that corrections officers have not had in the past. We will be supporting this legislation.

HB 2037, filed by Representative Higdon from the St. Joseph area, would attach a fee to court cases that would be returned to the state and used to help fund corrections officers salaries. We will be lobbying for this legislation to pass.

As session continues we will update you with information concerning our issues.

Thanks: Gary Gross MOCOA Director


On September 15, lobbyist Harry Hill and I testified during a Corrections Appropriations hearing regarding correction officer’s turnover rate and the lack of pay increases for officers. Also discussed was the shortage of officers and the tremendous amounts of overtime that staff is expected to work. The testimony seemed to be well received by legislators. Representatives Paul Fitzwater from the Potosi area was very vocal supporting corrections officers stating, “It is time for the legislature to take action to fix this problem”. Overall it was a very positive hearing.

On September 16, Harry Hill and I had another good meeting with Senator Dan Brown. We discussed pay issues for corrections officers. Senator Brown is our sponsor for the Hazardous Duty legislation and plans to vigorously pursue pay increases for corrections officers during the next legislative session that begins in January of 2016.

More meetings are being scheduled with other legislators to promote our issues. As information becomes available it will be posted on our website.

Thanks for your support,

Gary Gross, Executive Director, MOCOA