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Current Bargaining Agreement



Clarification on the Bargaining Agreement
By Cynthia Gross    Wed, October 15, 2014

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify what the following section to the bargaining agreement means to corrections officers in layman terms.
This section has nothing to do with guaranteed vacation, putting in for a day off, or any other forms of leaves. It simply allows for an employee to apply well in advance for leave for special events. Example: If your sister is getting married in September you can turn in a leave slip in January requesting the day off. The timekeeper must keep a file for each month of the calendar. Your leave slip would go into the September file and be placed there in the order in which September requests were made.  This means you would be the first employee requesting that date off and would make it easier for you to get that day off.
This has NOTHING to do with you requesting other leave. The three slips in this special file have nothing to do with this.  You can still request next Tuesday off and it is not counted as one of the three slips. This only pertains to requests beyond the month the timekeeper is currently working on.
If there is an institution that is going above and beyond accepting three slips we commend them for this and encourage they continue this practice. However, most institutions in the state have been handling this by denying the leave and telling the employee to apply at a later date closer to the time requested off. This puts a stop to this practice and benefits the employee.
If you have questions please call us at 866-346-6262 for further clarification if needed.

Thank you,
Gary Gross, Executive Director, MOCOA

Section 11.9 Annual and Compensatory Leave
a) Applications for annual or compensatory leave for that calendar year may be submitted at any time during the calendar year, beginning January 1st of that year. In this circumstance, leave must be earned before it can be requested.
b) A reasonable effort shall be made to grant annual or compensatory leave when requested, but granting leave is subject to approval of the shift supervisor based on the needs of the department.
c) Employer agrees to maintain a pending file for future leave applications each month of the year and to file and to consider leave applications by the order in which they received them.
d) The employer agrees to accept and file no more than three leave applications from an employee at any point in time.
e) Such requests will be responded to as early as is practical but no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the beginning of the leave requested either approved or denied.
f) If an employee requests leave fewer than fourteen (14) days prior to the requested leave date, the supervisor will approve or deny the leave as soon as practicable.

By Cynthia Gross    Wed, July 30, 2014

House substitute for House Bill 1090 referencing Overtime for COI and COIIís was recently signed into law. What does this mean to Missouri Corrections Officers? Tis means you will have control over any overtime worked and have the choice whether to collect it in pay or to use the hours as time off. Potentially this could add up to several million dollars more in cash income for officers each year and stop the forced flexing off of hours. COís will still have the right to maintain up to eighty hours of compensatory time on the books and would have to be given fourteen days written notice of any mandatory comp reduction of hours accrued over the eighty hours that is protected by law.

After my discussion with the Office of Administration today, it appears that probably sometime in August we will be signing our new work agreement with the Department of Correction and the Office of Administration. Progress on this agreement was slowed because of the overtime lawsuit as well as the overtime legislation which has now been signed into law. The Department of Corrections did not want to agree to the fourteen day notice regarding comp time reduction as it is in our current agreement. We would not give ground on that issue and now have the issue resolved and in law so we can finish the new agreement with the language included. Until the new agreement is signed we will be under the old agreement. If you have a supervisor tell you that the current agreement is no longer in effect, that is not accurate. The agreement has been extended several times and will remain in effect until the new agreement is signed.

Governor Freezes State Employee Raises
By Cynthia Gross    Fri, July 11, 2014

Governor Nixon has placed a "freeze"  on state employees 1% raise, which should have gone into effect January 1, 2015, as well as the Deferred Compensation contributions that were to take effect July 1, 2014.  We shall keep you updated when we know more. Please feel free to contact your legislators regarding this issue.

Overtime Bill Passed
By Cynthia Gross    Tue, May 6, 2014

Here at MOCOA are pleased to announce the passage of our overtime legislation, House Committee substitute for HB 1090.

Late yesterday the Senate passed the bill that will not allow the mandatory flexing off of time worked in excess of your normal assigned shift. As most of you know the flexing issue led to a long, drawn out lawsuit between your Association and the Department of Corrections, which we eventually won.

Although this issue was addressed in our work agreement it also needed to be placed into law to prevent future issues. By placing it into law Officers will now be allowed to retain and collect their overtime rather than being forced to flex it off.

This legislation could make a huge difference in a Corrections Officers yearly income by allowing the collection of overtime pay.

Many thanks are owed to Rep. McCaherty and Sen. Munzlinger for sponsoring this legislation for us. Please send them a thank you. Thanks also  to our lobbyists Harry Hill and Mike Michelson for their efforts in getting this done.
This legislation is on the Governorsí desk awaiting his signature.

Legislative Update
By Cynthia Gross    Thu, April 10, 2014

House Bill 1090 dealing with the overtime law changes has been voted out of committee in the senate and now goes to the floor for a vote by the full senate.

Senate Bill 826 which creates hazardous duty pay for corrections officers has also been passed out of committee to the full senate to be voted on. If passed this bill will then go to the House to be voted on.

Remember that contacting your legislators asking them to support this legislation is very important. Please take the time to contact them and ask them to pass the above legislation.

Thank you for your support,
Gary Gross, MOCOA Executive Director

Scholarship Time Again
By Cynthia Gross    Fri, March 21, 2014

It is time for the MOCOA annual scholarship program again. The graduating high school student must be a child / dependent child or grandchild of a current member. MOCOA must receive the studentís scholarship application packet in their offices no later than May 23, 2014 to be eligible. The packet MUST include the following:

A letter from the MOCOA member who is sponsoring the child. It should include why they think the student is a good candidate for a scholarship and how they are related to the child.

A 500 word essay written by the child. The subject of this essay should be: ďIs Your Federal Government Working For Or Against You?Ē Please explain and give examples of your opinion.

Three letters of recommendation from other members of the community (clergy, teachers, business owners, etc.) A listing of grade point averages, special training, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, employment, the college that the student is hoping to attend and which field they plan to go into after college graduation.

Remember to have a cover sheet that includes the childís name, phone number and address, the sponsorís name, phone and address, including work institution. Include the name, address and phone number of the school they current attend with the dates of graduation ceremonies.
All of the above information is required and should be included to avoid being disqualified. Unfortunately, several scholarship packets have been disqualified in the past due to not submitting all required information. Mail Scholarship packet to:

7141 Business 50 West
Jefferson City, Mo 65109

Packets received after May 24, 2013 will be disqualified.

Overtime Bill 1090
By Cynthia Gross    Thu, February 13, 2014

Overtime Bill HB 1090 has been heard in the House Corrections Committee and has been passed out of committee and now goes to the house floor for passage. This Bill adds to the current law a definition of when comp-time is accrued. This Bill is sponsored by Representative McCAherty and co-sponsored by DIEHL, ENGLISH, White and Hubbard. A similar overtime bill has been filed in the Senate by Senator Munzlinger but has not been heard in committee as of this E-Mail.

   Also filed in the Senate is SB 826. This is a bill that would create hazardous duty pay for all classes of corrections officers. This bill, if passed, would begin January 1, 2015 and would give COIs thru CSIIs an additional $75.00 per month above their regular salary for hazardous duty. Then in January 2016 there would be an additional $75.00 per month increase for hazardous duty for a total of $150.00. This Bill has been introduced by Senator Dr. Dan Brown of Rolla. There also seems to be support in the house for this legislation.

   I will keep you posted as things progress. Please share this information with the membership.         Thanks Gary

Missouri Court of Appeals Rules on Overtime/Flex Time Issue
By Cynthia Gross    Tue, August 27, 2013

The Missouri Corrections Officers Association was notified August 27 2013 by their attorneys the State Court of appeals ruled in the Associations favor regarding the pending suit over forcing employees to work overtime then forcing them off before the end of the week to avoid accrual of overtime.

The court said in their reply the Department had violated the terms of the agreement by forcing such actions on employees. They further stated in 2009 the department had created conflicting policy regarding the twelve hour notice rule when the agreement stated they were required to give fourteen days written notice before mandating compensatory time be taken by an employee.

The court document ended stating Quote (We close by emphasizing the limited nature of our holdings. We hold only thatí after a corrections officer works hours in excess of his or her assigned daily shift, the Department may not use later scheduling changes to alter the status of the earlier beyond shift hours as state compensatory time. We do not address the scope of the Departmentís authority to modify corrections officers schedules (except to the extent such schedule changes purport to affect the accrual of state compensatory time for hours previously worked.) nor did we address whether DOC has the power to modify the provisions of its Department Manual on which this opinion relies.

We reverse the circuit courts judgment, and remand the case to the circuit court for entry of an order granting summary judgment to the Association, on terms consistent with this opinion.

The Department now has the right to appeal to the Missouri Supreme Court if they choose to do so. The exact time frame for the Department to appeal is not known by us at this time.

News Update   06-28-13
By Cynthia Gross    Mon, July 1, 2013

It was announced by the Governorís Office at approximately 10:00 this morning that the pay increases due to take effect the first of July will be suspended until an issue between the Governorís Office and the Legislature can be resolved, re: the tax cut bill for businesses.

The Governorís Office concern is that if this bill is overridden in veto session the funds to operate the state will not be there. I was told by the Governorís Office that if this is resolved or the veto is not overridden the money for state employee raises will be released.

MOCOA is making contacts to try to get your money releases as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support,
Gary Gross, Executive Director